The purpose of these terms and conditions ("T&C") is to define the conditions of the CO2 Offset Program for Passengers (hereinafter, "Program") of LATAM Airlines Group, LATAM Airlines Brazil, LATAM Airlines Colombia, LATAM Airlines Peru, LATAM Airlines Ecuador, LATAM Airlines Paraguay, Transporte Aereo S.A. (hereinafter, "LATAM Group") as well as the scope of the Program and the responsibilities related to it. The obligations of the LATAM Group and the passengers who choose to be part of it (hereinafter, the "Member Passenger") are defined by these T&Cs.


These T&Cs apply to all passengers who join the Program (the "Member Passengers") who purchase an airline ticket with any of the LATAM Group airlines. The purpose of the Program is to voluntarily offset the CO2 emitted on LATAM Group flights on which the Member Passengers purchased the airline ticket. The Program excludes the possibility of offsetting the CO2 emitted by domestic travel in Colombia and international flights departing Colombia.


MEMBER PASSENGER: A passenger who purchases a ticket or airline ticket to fly with any of the LATAM Group companies and has joined the Program.

B) LATAM GROUP: Includes the following airlines: LATAM Airlines Group, LATAM Airlines Brazil, LATAM Airlines Colombia, LATAM Airlines Peru, LATAM Airlines Ecuador, and LATAM Airlines Paraguay.

C) PROGRAM: Refers to the voluntary CO2 offset program for passengers, i.e., the program that aims to allow LATAM Group passengers to voluntarily offset the carbon footprint (CO2) emitted during their travels.

D) SERVICE PROVIDER: Refers to the party that will provide the CO2 calculation services, the CO2 offsetting system, the issuance of reports to Member Passengers, and the issuance of certificates to Enrolled Passengers. The Service Provider will be selected by the LATAM Group, reserving their right to change provider at any time.

E) RECEIVING PROJECTS: These are projects previously selected by the LATAM Group and made available through the Service Provider so that Member Passengers may choose which project to offset the emissions of their flights with the LATAM Group.

F) VIRTUAL CARBON UNITS: Virtual Carbon Units will always correspond to the actual Carbon Units acquired by the Service Provider, which will be removed from the relevant underlying registry as they apply and will not be made available to third parties. They will be submitted by the service provider upon completion of the offset purchase process.


The Member Passenger shall provide the information regarding the flight they wish to offset through the Service Provider's online platform so that the Service Provider may calculate their carbon footprint and the Member Passenger may proceed with the offsetting process.

The Service Provider is solely responsible for the operation of the online platform and their own terms and conditions. The Member Passengers are responsible for reading and explicitly agreeing to the Program's and the Service Provider's terms and conditions.

The Member Passenger must agree to these terms and conditions and those of the Service Provider each time they proceed with offsetting flights purchased with the LATAM Group.

CO2 offsetting is voluntary and is handled by the Service Provider directly.

Issuance of certificates:

The Supplier will issue a virtual certificate to the Member passenger accounting for the CO2 offset and the selected project.


Refund requests can be made by sending an email to latamconsumer-support@chooose.today within ten calendar days following the purchase of the offsetting service/request. The Service Provider will respond to the request within the next business day and proceed with the refund as it applies.

Right of Withdrawal or return:

Applies for requests within 10 calendar days following the purchase of the service / request for compensation.

The Right of Withdrawal in Chile contemplated in article 3 bis of Law 19,496 will not apply.

Refund in case of contingency:

In the event that the flight that was offset by the Member passenger is rescheduled and/or canceled by the LATAM group, the offset made will be refunded.

Service fee charged by the Service Provider

The Service Provider will charge an administrative fee for the administration of the web platform, which shall be informed to the Member Passenger at the time of purchase-offsetting of carbon credits.

1:1 Offsetting by LATAM Group

The Service Provider will inform the LATAM Group of the tons of CO2 offset by the Member Passengers. With this information in hand, LATAM Group will offset an equivalent amount of the tons offset by the Member Passengers to a project selected at LATAM Group's discretion every six months. As a result, the LATAM Group will receive an official certificate informing the amount of CO2 offset along with a certificate detailing the receiving project. This provided that there are available credits for the Projects the company has chosen to offset, information that can be verified on the Service Provider's page indicated below.


LATAM Group may terminate or suspend the Program, while fulfilling the obligations already acquired for all Member Passengers who have offset the emissions of their flights with LATAM Group under the Program at the time of notification of the termination or suspension of the Program.

Service Provider:

The service provider of technical services for offsetting is responsible for executing the offsetting of the carbon footprint, its calculation, and managing the projects to be offset. Therefore, this organization is solely responsible for the operation of the online platform and management of the purchase, as well as its own terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please contact the Service Provider directly; the contact details are available on the offset e-commerce platform. For your information, you may review the Supplier's Terms and Conditions here.


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